The real traction started with the track “Jungle Baby” in 2018, where he details life in Detroit and aspirations of the glow up. The song circulated fast, as Sterl gained steam thanks to the music video which cracked well over 600k in views. He cut his first mixtape, Jungle Baby Vol. 1 that same year, and kept feeding the streets with more heat, tempering his music with building a strong social media presence over Instagram. He caught the attention of Grammy nominated producer Pooh Beatz (Jack Harlow, Da Baby, Nicki Minaj). “He’s a different kind of artist,” Pooh says of Sterl. “He just has it, that superstar mentality. Everyone can see it.” Sterl kept the grind going through the pandemic, dropping tracks like the intensely poignant “Legendary” (off Jungle Baby Vol. 2), where he reflects on the road ahead and what he sees for his own future. In the Fall of 2020, he dropped his Urban Hero project, which raised the stakes considerably. “You can hear the growth on this project,” Sterl adds. Cuts like the recently released “Hannah Montana” showcase his ability to weave through singing and rhyming seamlessly, while still putting emotions into his bars.  Moving into 2021, Sterl Gotti plans to build upon the hard work he put forth in 2020, and continue to grow in prominence as the new voice of Detroit Hip-Hop.